Political Competence in Nursing Leadership Essay

Essay Instructions

Define “political competence” and discuss at least one example of how a nurse leader has or could demonstrate political competence at the local, state or national level. The example may be from an organizational perspective or a political challenge.

Political Competence In Nursing

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Political competence is regarded as a concept having four aspects which are political knowledge, efficacy, activity, and interaction (Han & Kim, 2020). Nursing is itself a political issue. This is because nursing professionals’ work life and the way they deliver to patients is vastly influenced or impacted by the decisions made by the government. Regarding the nursing professional, political competence is the passion of skills, values, and perspectives required for effective political engagement within a nurses’ professional role (Alhassan et al., 2019). It (political competency) is a requisite in the nursing field as it helps a nurse leader to intervene in the wake of social and environmental factors affecting health. It also helps nurses to effectively intervene in a culturally diversified society, collaborate in the development of a human health system, and finally, it helps in bringing nurses values regarding policy discussions.

While nurses are less interested in active politics, they can participate by taking up leadership roles in the care industry. They can also contact elected leaders regarding giving their understanding and views about legislation affecting their practice. Nurse Leaders provide a link between their subjects and the legislation influencing the nursing work. As an essential skill for nurse professionals, nurse leaders’ knowledge in political competence at the local level can be demonstrated by encouraging patients to participate in voting a team of nurses under the leader, so that, they may understand and improve healthcare services (de Melo et al., 2017). On the other hand, nurse leaders can provide an environment and resources for nurses to be trained and educated on their roles in influencing legislation that directly impacts the nursing practice. The training empowers nurses to be politically active, as well as well-informed for their role and input in determining the legislations influencing their participation. For example, the nurse leader holds monthly briefings for his team, to motivate their participation in giving views regarding efficacy and interaction in their roles in care delivery. This helps the leader to remain updated on nursing practice dynamics, while the nurses give their input in legislation formation and amendment.

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