Psych Clinical Discussion post Week 7

Psych Clinical Discussion post Week 7

Discussion board of the most interesting client

  • You need to state WHY you chose this patient as most interesting and/or what drew you to patient or how you would apply what you learned to your practice.

The Patient Info

Patient is a 29 year old male. Reports his pcp requested a psych eval to get new meds, States he has tried several meds without success in the  past. Reports he was on zoloft, buspirone, paxil, effexor XR and lexapro in the past and none of them helped. States he’s been trying several meds for over a decade. Reports having SI, lacking motivation , not feeling like doing anything, no enjoyment in things that gave him pleasure. Reports sleep and appetite is good. no injury to self, no psychosis.


 Past Diagnosis and Age of Onset

  • Depression- Anxiety

Social Hx

Lives with mother and is currently unemployed Dx

F31.31 – Bipolar I Disorder, Current or most recent episode depressed, Mild

F41.1 – Generalized Anxiety Disorder

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Treatment Plan

Bipolar 1 (unstable)


-Start Abilify 5mg po qhs

-Discussed s/e of meds, essence of taking meds as prescribed, not stopping meds abruptly. pt verbalizes understanding f/u in 2 weeks


You need to state WHY you chose this patient as most interesting and/or what drew you to patient or how you would apply what you learned to your practice.




Psych Clinical Discussion Post Week 7

My patient is a 29-year-old male with a mental disorder who has tried several medications. Consequently, his PCP has requested a psychiatric evaluation to get new medicines besides those he has been taking. The patient’s medical history indicates he has used Zoloft, Buspirone, Paxil, Effexor XR, and Lexapro, but none has improved his condition. The patient states that he has been trying various medications for over a decade, and none of them has helped. Currently, the patient reports having SI, feeling unmotivated, having no energy to do anything, and does not find pleasure in this that used to excite him. However, the patient does not have a problem with his sleeping pattern, has a good appetite, has no psychosis, and has no self-harm tendencies.

These observations attracted me to the patient, desiring to find out what could be the underlying condition causing his mental and emotional disorder. Medical reports indicate the patient has previously been diagnosed with depression and anxiety. The patient currently lives with his mother and is unemployed; these factors could contribute to his fear and depressive conditions. A psych evaluation reveals the patient has a mild bipolar 1 disorder and generalized anxiety disorder. Consequently, I would prescribe Abilify 5mg as part of the treatment plan.

Abilify is an atypical antidepressant that enhances the hormonal balance between serotonin and dopamine. As a result, it affects a person’s behaviors, moods, and thought patterns (Rapinesi et al., 2019). One should stick to the prescription given by the doctor to avoid adverse contraindications. Abilify’s side effects include drowsiness, tiredness, dizziness, weakness, and stomach upset (Rapinesi et al., 2019). Similarly, one should take two dosages simultaneously to avoid extreme contraindications like suicidal ideation, tardive dyskinesia, fainting, seizures, and muscle spasms (Rapinesi et al., 2019). Stopping the drug intake abruptly can produce fatal or adverse outcomes. Thus, the patient should stick to the treatment plan for better clinical outcomes and satisfaction.



Rapinesi, C., Kotzalidis, G. D., Mazzarini, L., Brugnoli, R., Ferracuti, S., De Filippis, S., … & Girardi, P. (2019). Long-acting injectable (LAI) aripiprazole formulations in the Treatment of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder: A systematic review. Clinical Drug Investigation39(8), 713-735.

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