NURS-3151-11/NURS-3150-11 Foundations Of Nursing Research

Foundations Of Nursing Research

So you have all key information available to you off-line, it is highly recommended that you print the following items for your reference:

  • This Syllabus
  • Course Calendar
  • Support Resources
  • 5 quarter hours

Walden University assigns credit hours based on the number and type of assignments that enable students to achieve the course learning objectives. In general, each semester credit equals about 42 hours of total student work and each quarter credit equals about 28 hours of total student work.

This time requirement represents an approximate average for undergraduate work and the minimum expectations for graduate work. The number and kind of activities estimated to fulfill time requirements will vary by degree level and student learning style, and by student familiarity with the delivery method and course content.

Nurses must understand research in order to effectively participate in the provision of evidence-based nursing care. Students in this course learn the foundational elements of the research process, refine information literacy skills, and develop an understanding of ethical research.

Students investigate each step of the research process and complete a critical examination of quantitative and qualitative research relevant to their nursing practice. Students are given the tools to analyze nurse-sensitive indicators and clinical practice guidelines.

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NURS 3100: Issues and Trends in Nursing

NURS 3020: Health Assessment

NURS 3110: Information Management and Patient Care Technology

STAT 3001: Statistical Methods and Applications

  • Explain basic elements of the research process
  • Assess research problems that might affect health care quality and safety
  • Utilize information technology to access professional databases to complete a literature review
  • Evaluate research methodology, results, and implications for practice
  • Compare basic elements of quantitative and qualitative research processes
  • Summarize ethical considerations related to research in health care settings
  • Connect the use of technology, national clinical practice guidelines, and nurse-sensitive indicators to the research process and evidence-based practice

To access the Weekly Objectives Alignment Chart that applies to your course of study, click on the appropriate link from the following list:

Document: NURS 3150 Alignment Chart (PDF)Download NURS 3150 Alignment Chart (PDF)

Document: NURS 3151 Alignment Chart (PDF)Download NURS 3151 Alignment Chart (PDF)

Please visit the university bookstore via your Walden student portal to ensure you are obtaining the correct version of any course texts and/or materials noted in the following section. When you receive your materials, make sure that all required items are included.

Gray, J. R. & Grove, S. K. (2021). Burns and Grave’s the practice of nursing research: Appraisal, synthesis, and generation of evidence (9th ed.). Elsevier.

Note: If the print edition of these books are referenced here, electronic versions also may be available and may be acceptable for use in this course. If an electronic version is listed, no print version is available.

Other readings (journal articles, websites, book excerpts, etc.) are assigned throughout the course and may be found within each week.

Assigned course media elements may be found in one or more weeks of the course and are available via a streaming media player or a hyperlink to the individual item.

Online Discussion is an important activity based on the underlying belief that students learn from one another.

All Discussion postings need to be made in each week’s Discussion area of the course. Please do not e-mail postings to the Instructor or other students.

Discussions will be graded according to the Discussion Posting Grading Rubric found in the Course Information area.

Assignments are written and submitted to the Instructor for evaluation. Complete directions are in the Assignment area, including how and where to submit the assignment and the due date. Please note that you should keep a copy of your assignments on your computer in case of any technical difficulties.

Walden University expects you to act with integrity and honesty in your academic courses. Information on scholarly writing may be found at the Walden Writing Center.


See the Guidelines and Policies and Academic Integrity areas for more details.

Check the Course Information area for any rubrics relating to the assignments.

Assignment Total Points Percentage
Discussions (5 @ 50 points each) 250 25%
Weekly Quizzes:

  • Week 1 @ 75 points
  • Week 2 @ 45 points
  • Week 3 @ 75 points
195 19.5%

  • Methods Used in Quantitative Research (Week 3)
    • Journal Club Template for Quantitative Research (100 points)
  • Methods Used in Qualitative Research (Week 4)
    • Journal Club Template for Qualitative Research (100 points)
  • Analysis of Quantitative and Qualitative Data (Week 5)
    • Quantitative Analysis Component (100 points)
    • Qualitative Analysis Component (100 points)
  • Drawing Conclusions About Research Findings and Their Implications for Clinical Practice (Week 6 @ 155 points)
555 55.5%
Total 1,000 100%

Letter grades will be assigned as follows:

90%–100% = A

80%–89% = B

70%–79% = C

< 70% = F

Grades of “NC” and “W” are by administrative assignment only. Please see the Student Catalog for details about those grade assignments.

The Instructor will log on to the course Discussion areas 4–5 days a week. Unless there is a specific question, your Instructor will not respond to every posting from each student. However, the expectation is that the Instructor will respond individually to at least two-thirds of the students each week. The Instructor will read every posting and expects all students to read every posting, including the Instructor’s postings and classmates’ postings. Frequently, the Instructor will choose to respond to a particular posting because that posting covers important issues.

The Instructor will respond to any specific course-related questions or concerns within 48 hours of receiving them in an e-mail or in the Contact the Instructor area.

Assignments will be returned by Day 5 of the following week, allowing you to incorporate feedback into the assignments for subsequent weeks.

If needed, you may e-mail the Instructor to set up a time for a telephone conference at any time during the course. You are responsible for routinely checking the Announcements for any changes to the aforementioned feedback schedule.

You are expected to read the Syllabus and all Resources, Discussions, and Applications for each week. Complete all assignments by the specified due date. It is in your best interest to complete work for the current week, and not jump ahead to future weeks.

Be sure that you post to the correct Discussion area each week. Do not e-mail postings to the Instructor. For all initial Discussion postings, make sure that the first sentence of your posting reads Main Question Post. For your responses to other postings, make sure that the first sentence of your response reads Response. These actions will ensure easily identifiable subject lines for your postings and responses.

Assignments and projects are submitted to an assignment link and named according to the week they are submitted. Directions for naming each assignment or project are included with each assignment link.

All e-mail correspondence must be sent from a Walden e-mail and contain in the subject line your course number, section number, and your name followed by a brief description of the subject. For example, NURS 3150-XX-Your Name or NURS 3151-XX-Your Name (Note: XX is the section number). This subject line convention ensures that your e-mail will be easily identified and responded to in a timely manner.

Timeliness and good time management are critical skills for success both in school and in life. Should you encounter an unanticipated and uncontrollable life event that may prevent you from meeting an assignment deadline, contact the Instructor immediately. Please see the Late Policy posted in the classroom for further information.

Examples of unanticipated and uncontrollable life events include a health crisis for you or an immediate family member for whom you are a caregiver; extended and extraordinarily severe weather events that disrupt communications; or being called to military duty. Poor time management, other work commitments, vacations, not reading or following the Course Syllabus, or failure to obtain the appropriate books or computer equipment are not events that warrant special consideration.

You will have access to the course and your coursework from the course start date until 60 days after the course end date. After this time, you will no longer be able to access the course or related materials. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you retain copies of your completed assignments and any documents you wish to keep. The University is not responsible for lost or missing coursework.

At or near the end of the course, you will receive an invitation to submit an online evaluation of the course and instruction. All submitted Course Evaluations are confidential, and only aggregate data and comments will be shared with the Instructor and Program Director. Your feedback is vitally important to Walden University in its efforts to continuously improve programs.

The OSDS are committed to providing equal access to educational opportunities for qualified students with disabilities in accordance with government, state, and local laws as applicable to the student’s program and location. All accommodations requested are reviewed on an individual basis to determine what is reasonable and appropriate. The student should understand the process is an interactive one that takes time.

If you are looking to receive services through the OSDS, we want to support you. To start the process, email You may also reach the office by phone to schedule an appointment at 855-229-0848.  International students may request a meeting through Teams. You may also fax your request to 630.596.1651.

If you require other accessibility needs to experience the call, please indicate that in your email.

In accordance with U.S. Department of Education guidance regarding class participation, Walden University requires that all students submit at least one of their required Week 1 assignments (which includes posting to the Discussion Board) within each course(s) during the first 7 calendar days of class. For courses with two-week units, posting to the Discussion Board by Day 7 meets this requirement. The first calendar day of class is the official start date of the course as posted on your myWalden academic page.

Assignments submitted prior to the official start date will not count toward your participation. 

Financial Aid cannot be released without class participation as defined above. 

Students who are taking their first class with Walden and do not submit at least one of their required Week 1 assignments (or at least one Discussion post) by the end of the 7th day will be administratively withdrawn from the university.

Students who have already taken and successfully completed at least one or more class(es) with Walden, and who do not participate within the first 7 days, will be dropped from that class.

If you have any questions about your assignments, or you are unable to complete your assignments, please contact your Faculty Member.


For complete details on discussions and assignments, please refer to each week of the course. Walden University has established 10:59pm Central Time (CT) as the official submission time for all courses. All assignments and discussions are due by 10:59pm CT on the day indicated in the assignment or discussion instructions.

The time stamp in Canvas will show Central Time as the default. You may choose to adjust the settings in Canvas to reflect your local time zone for submission time. For example, if you reside in Pacific Time (PT), you can adjust the settings in Canvas to show what time in your local area the assignment or discussion is due. If the discussion is due Wednesday at 10:59pm CT, then you can adjust your settings to show the discussion is due Wednesday at 8:59pm PT.


Course Summary:

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