NUR-690 Project Plan – Practicum Task

NUR-690 Project Plan – Practicum Task

For this assignment, you will develop the project plan for your professional project. The project plan will be created using the “MSN-Health Informatics Clinical/Practicum Schedule (work plan)” Excel workbook. Use the example tab to view what a project plan should look like. Use the Blank Form tab to create your project work plan. You may revise, add, and delete rows to modify the Blank Form to meet your project workplan specifications. You will use this project plan for all subsequent assignments.

To successfully manage a project, a project plan is required to organize and control the tasks and process strategically to guarantee the project is successfully completed. The project plan is designed to help you develop strategies for the successful and sustainable implementation of your informatics solutions. Your informatics solution will include using appropriate analytical methods and processes in the design of informatics and implementation of your project.

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Your project plan should include at minimum the milestones below. You will add additional tasks and deliverables as you plan and complete each section of the plan as your project proceeds.

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  • Research the proposed project idea
  • Identify the business need
  • Conduct stakeholder interviews
  • Gathering the initial project data
  • Define the scope of the project
  • Identify the problem
  • Conduct a root cause analysis
  • Elicit project requirements and additional data needed for your solution
  • Develop the solution
  • Test the solution
  • Develop an implementation plan
  • Communicate the solution
  • Implement the plan
  • Evaluate the solution
  • Resolve problems found during implementation
  • Present the final project

Meet with your preceptor/mentor and any appropriate stakeholders to review your project plan created in the MS-Health Informatics Project Schedule Excel workbook. Ensure the project plan supports the proposed informatics solution and is appropriate for the organization.

Include the time it takes to complete these tasks as part of the practicum hours.



Project Name Project Manager
Integration of Health Information Exchange (HIE) into Epic EHR
Date Submitted
March 15, 2023


Project Goal and Objective
Goal: To ensure that Epic’s Care Everywhere will be successfully implemented at the time of Launch/Go-Live

Objective Epic’s Care Everywhere will be utilized more in Cooperman Barnabas Medical Center relative to standard telephone- and fax- based approaches to information retrieval from outside organizations


Project Deliverables
To support the above-mentioned goal and objective, the project will:

·         Initiate a robust stakeholder engagement process and work with the EHR vendor for the sustainability of the platform

·         Engage with Health Information Management (HIM) and with Information Technology and Services (IT&S) to address data quality and organizational changes to improve access management

·         Review and improve infrastructure for Epic’s Care Everywhere by implementing a “Testing Environment”

·         Implement a training program for the end users of the platform

·         Improve user experience and maintain confidentiality regulations and HIPAA policies and compliance


Project Start Date June 2023
Launch/Go- Live Date November 2023
Project End Date February 2024

Draft of Timeline

List of Project Tasks Estimated Duration/Time from Implementation
·   Communications/meetings between members of the project team

·   Collaboration with HIE and EHR vendors

·   Governance body and Legal Guidance

First three months (June-August)
·   Installation of HIE and integration to EHR

·   Training Activities

4th and 5th month (September-October)
·   Launch Epic’s Care Everywhere at the same time with Epic Go-Live 6th month (November)
·   Monitor facility implementation progress. Identify and troubleshoot problems.

·   Identify and apply workflow changes if needed

7th-8th month (December-January)
·   Sustain the effort. Discuss strategies to sustain use 9th month (February)


Budget and Resource List

Item Cost Resources List
Personnel $15,000 Human Resources
End-user Training $5,000 Human Resources
IT Software Assets (Cerner, Epic including Epic’s Care Everywhere) $10,000 Financial Resources
Hardware Assets (e.g., desktop computers, mobile devices, laptops, and printers) $8,500 Equipment and devices
Internet $1,500
Total $40,000


·   Launch of the new EHR Epic may affect the timeline

·   Budget

·   Time/resources/personnel limitations

·   Additional funding might be required for recommended and approved changes


Include project boundaries, limitations and constraints, affected users, timeline, budget, and specific resources required for the project.

Parameters for the project

Question: What type of information is shared/available? Answer: Patient health information includes most of the information in the electronic health record. There are some very specific types of information, though, that are NOT shared this way. Question: What type of information is NOT shared/available through Care Everywhere? Answer: Information that will not be shared through Care Everywhere includes: • Behavioral health treatment • Substance abuse program services • Sexual abuse/Forensic records


Project Start Date June 2023
Launch/Go- Live Date November 2023
Project End Date February 2023
List any hard deadlines
List other dates/descriptions of key milestones


Budget Constraints – Financial resources needed for the project will amount to $40000

Enter information about project budget limitations (total project budget, maximum budget for key project deliverables

Quality of performance constraints – Enter any other requirements for the functionality, performance, or quality of the project

Equipment/Personnel Constraints – Enter any constraints regarding equipment or people that will impact the project

Regulatory constraints – Enter any legal policy, or other regulatory constraints


Estimate hours required to complete the project

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