Clinical Nurses and Information management Essay

Essay Instructions

Think about an information-management problem that could be resolved with a database. You will use this problem and suggested database as the foundation to build your database over the next eight weeks.

Explain the problem in detail and support the need to solve the problem with scholarly literature (consider patient. nursing practice, management, or education situations). Think about a situation for which you wish to capture data over a long period of time and for which you want to study various relationships. Provide three questions that you would like to see answered via database support.

For example, in a database of patient falls for the entire hospital, you might ask the following questions.

  • How many units had patient falls over the last year?
  • On a specific unit with a high number of falls, what was the nurse/patient ratio at the time of each fall?
  • Which patients on six specific units have fall-risk assessments?

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Sample Essay

Clinical Nurses and Information Management

An information management problem that could be resolved with a database is determining the incidences of pressure ulcers in the facility. Having an accurate and up-to-date database on this issue will play a significant role in nursing practices and protocols within the facility. To be more precise, the database will provide nurses at the facility with quick, comprehensive, practical, evidence-based, new and updated information that is useful in preventing pressure ulcer incidences, avoiding time wasting in caring for patients, and decision-making. Besides that, the database would result in effective communication and the ability to deal with clinical issues and respond to clinical questions. Additionally, it would help the nurses to sort out the clinical practices and evidence to offer the best care (Bauer, 2017).

The database support will answer three main questions. Firstly, how many patients develop pressure ulcers in the facility over a defined period of time (such as six months or one year? Answering this question is important for determining the risk of an inpatient in the facility developing a pressure ulcer. This allows the facility to anticipate the risk of occurrence and prepare resources to address the risk, such as having a pressure ulcer care bundle. Secondly, what is the incidence of pressure ulcers in the different inpatient departments, and which departments report the lowest and highest pressure ulcer incidences? Answering this question is important for determining how the different departments perform and if there is any particular department that performance well and can be emulated by other departments. Thirdly, which patient demographic reports the highest incidences of pressure ulcers? Answering this question is important for identifying the particular patients at risk of developing pressure ulcers and developing an assessment tool for identifying the high risk groups so that they receive additional care to prevent the occurrence of pressure ulcers (Helming, Shields & Avino, 2020).


Bauer, J. (2017). Statistical Analysis for Decision Makers in Healthcare: Understanding and Evaluating Critical Information in Changing Times (2nd ed.). CRC Press.

Helming, M., Shields, D., & Avino, K. (2020). Dossey & Keegan’s Holistic Nursing: A Handbook for Practice (8th ed.). Jones & Bartlett Learning, LLC.

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