How to Write a Nursing Research Paper: Best Guide

How to Write a Nursing Research Paper: Best Guide

How to Write a Nursing Research Paper: Best Guide

In academia, research paper essentially seeks to establish whether you have a solid grasp on the course content, and can identify gaps in existing studies. In addition to the coming up with a research topic you must also understand the important mechanics involved in compiling a research paper.

The guide provides you with the essential skills on how to write a winning nursing research paper. The important points of consideration in this case will be:

  • Coming up with a research topic
  • Collaboration with your instructor
  • Handling research effectively
  • Getting the research proposal approved
  • Data collection and presentation
  • Key Takeaways

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Coming up with a Nursing Research Topic

Starting Point

When coming up with a research topic, it is crucial to understand what a nursing research paper is. The most important question that you will need to answer before you embark on your research is do you have to write papers in nursing school? The answer is a bold yes and a nursing paper entails and essential paper of your course. A nursing paper is part of any nursing program seeking to evaluate your skills in synthesizing existing knowledge and using it for innovation to further understanding. Therefore, before you complete any nursing program, you will be required to complete a nursing research paper that has to be approved by a panel in your institution. There are numerous nursing research paper topics that are available online. However, there is a need to be creative in order to stand out from the rest of the students. Any topic worth the salt should be unique and demonstrate your analytical skills while at the same time seeking to fill gaps in existing studies.

Resources of a Nursing Research Paper at your Disposal

Although there are numerous nursing research paper topics at your disposal, you should consider the resources at hand. There is a need to conduct a simulation of all the processes involved in conducting the study and ensure that you can proceed with it to completion. Some of the research paper topics nursing students select are brilliant but otherwise too complex. As a result, you can be compelled to abandon a topic prematurely because you lack financial and academic resources.

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Collaboration with your instructor

Your instructor can provide you with valuable information when writing a nursing research paper. There instances when you can have a brilliant idea but then lack effective words to convey your message. Therefore, it is always crucial to ensure that you actively work together with the instructor to ensure that you are progressing in the correct direction. Mostly, the instructor might require you to come up with three topics that you feel you can handle effectively. After that, they will assist in one that poses a clear and concise research question.

Handling a Nursing Research Paper Effectively

The research paper often begins with a proposal that has to be approved by the instructor before one can proceed. The structure of a nursing research paper has its foundation in the proposal. The proposal often consists of three chapters:

  • Chapter One: Introduction
  • Chapter Two: Literature Review
  • Chapter Three: Research Methodology

Chapter One: Introduction

In this section, you are expected to clearly identify and defend an existing problem in the nursing field that you seek to address. The nursing research paper outline often begins with the introduction which contains several subsections such as:

  • Background information
  • Justification of the study
  • Problem statement
  • Research objectives
  • Research questions
  • Research hypothesis

These sections provide the instructor with a clear picture of the intentions of the researcher. You should have them in both your proposal and the final research.

Chapter Two: Literature Review

The literature review part is where you indicate what past studies address concerning the research topic. When you look at any nursing research paper outline, you will realize that in the literature review section there are a lot of references to previous studies.

Therefore, when addressing this section you should ensure that you consider online research papers so avoid repeating a study that has already been done. The literature review section should essentially respond to the objectives you mentioned in the introductory part. Also you need to demonstrate that there is a gap in literature that can be answered with the identified research questions.

Chapter 3: Research Methodology

The research methodology part covers the actually study where you go out in the field and collect data. When you go over various instructions on how to write a nursing research paper, you will realize that the research methodology part either involves a quantitative, qualitative or both styles combined. Online nursing research papers can give you a rough idea on the way to approach the different research methodologies. The qualitative approach is all about collecting opinions while the quantitative strategy deals with numerical data.

When writing a proposal you will only need to do a write up to chapter three. However, when doing the final write up you have to proceed to the other chapters that will be addressed in the next section of the paper.

Getting the Nursing Research Paper Proposal Approved

The nursing research paper outline dictates that you have to get you proposal approved before you proceed to the next section. There are dozens of nursing topics for research papers online. However, you will need to filter them out and only consider updated studies.

One way to find relevant topics is to consult peer reviewed articles in scholarly sites. Merely entering keywords in a search engine is not enough. You will need to do an effective online research. The research paper topics nursing students present are expected to demonstrate analytical skills and understanding of recent studies in the field. Therefore, if you want to increase the chances of your proposal being accepted you need to conduct conclusive study on current affairs.

Data Collection, Analysis and Presentation of the Nursing Research Paper

Data collection and presentation is the most tasking part of writing a nursing research paper. You might probably want to take a look at a good nursing research paper example for guidelines. Such examples are available in reputable online journals that have been peer reviewed. You can start by entering the key words “nursing paper examples” to get an idea of what is expected. The data collection essentially depends on the research methodology selected. There are currently programs such as SPSS (statistical package for social sciences) that assist in the analysis of quantitative data.

There are also programs that analyze qualitative data. Therefore, it is crucial that you have a rough idea of the crucial aspects entailing the writing of a nursing research paper. You do not have to be worried because all you need to follow are the important guidelines.

Key Takeaways of the Structure of a Nursing Research Paper

Your objective as a nursing student should be to get your nursing research topic published in a peer reviewed journal. Although it is not an easy feat, you can achieve it by following the necessary channels. There are students that have won grants and scholarships merely because they placed an extra effort when undertaking their studies.

For instance, you need to be meticulous and careful when collecting, analyzing, and presenting data. This is because you might be required to appear before a panel and defend your nursing research paper.

Nursing is essentially a practical course and you will need to apply what you have learned in class in real life situations. Therefore, before you submit your paper ensure that you have gone through it several times and perhaps given to a peer to help you removing some common mistakes that students make.

Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors might cost you crucial points. Furthermore, ensure that in your presentation and data analysis you come up with an approach that provides the evaluating panel with an easy task.

As you have probably noticed writing a nursing research paper is an easy undertaking as long as you understand the key requirements and follow guidelines. Since it is a crucial requirement in completing your course and graduating, you should give it the priority it deserves.

Nursing is an essential career in the health care field because the practitioners mostly interact directly with the patients. Therefore, institutions demand that learners be serious with their studies and that they conduct their research projects with integrity.

You will also find it rewarding when your research paper has been approved and perhaps published because it adds knowledge in the nursing field.

This nursing research paper guide has been prepared by considering the essential requirements that examiners look for in various nursing fields. Nursing is wide and consider various careers. However, the most important consideration is the provision of primary care for patients while at the same time collaborating with other practitioners to improve the quality of life of patients. Therefore, when conducting a study your focus should be on working together with other health care workers with the aim of assisting patients to have the best experienced while they are hospitalized.

You can easily find nursing research topics online but always ensure that the one you choose adds knowledge and understanding to the field, while at the same time assuring you a successful academic experience and a promising professional life.

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